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LJ Friends List Clean Up

Do you still use LJ?

I'm going to be doing a Friends List Clean Up on here soon. I have 300+ friends on here and I want to whittle it back down to a manageable number. I do NOT want this to be like Facebook. So, comment if you think I might not remember who you are and want to stay on here -- that doesn't mean you'll get to :)

Also, if I do unfriend you it may be for a myriad of reasons. One of which is that I can't tell who you are. I met a ton of great people on LJ, but if your LJ username/profile doesn't tell me who you are in RL I might not put two and two together. I'm friends with a lot of you elsewhere (twitter/facebook/etc.) where you use a different username or your real name. I want to re-match these up in my brain. So, please comment. Or don't. Friendships need to live their life, birth, peak, death. The Internet makes that death part harder and harder to do. A dead friendship doesn't make it any less meaningful.

Obviously you don't need to comment to stay. I'm curating my own friends list. Just wanted to give a heads up. :P
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